A Revolution in Energy Storage

Low-cost energy storage with minimal environmental impact.

Our Solution

Leveraging nature’s strengths to provide energy storage.

How it Works

The Gravity Power Plant is effectively a Water Battery. We dig a deep shaft, using standard technology from the mining industry. We build a piston of reinforced rock in the shaft. We add water and cap it, creating a closed loop system, with no additional water required.

Storing Energy

A conventional pump/turbine forces water down the penstock into the shaft, lifting the piston. With highly efficient hydropower equipment and low piston speed, system efficiency is high. Thousands of megawatt-hours can be stored in each plant.

Generating Power

As the piston drops, it forces water up the penstock and through the turbine, spinning the generator to produce electricity.


Gravity Power is by far the most cost-effective solution for long duration energy storage.

Gravity Power returns energy to the grid at about 6¢ per KWh, less than half the cost of lithium ion, including the cost of energy lost in the round trip. The big difference is in CapEx. Gravity Power is the only storage solution that achieves dramatic economies of scale.

PNNL conducted a study to calculate the LCoE (levelized cost of energy) for 14 storage technologies, grouped into Pumped Storage Hydroelectric, Hydrogen, Flow, and Lithium Ion. The Gravity Power technology is by far the most cost-effective.

Levelized Cost of Energy

(Data for PSH, H, Flow, Li+ from Pacific Northwest National Lab. Data for GP from management.)

System benefits

Minimal Environmental Impact
  • No threats to wildlife, air, water, indigenous cultures
  • No emissions
  • No visual or noise impacts
  • Small footprint
  • No ongoing water use
Proven Technology → Innovative Configuration
  • Off-the-shelf components, widely used in hydroelectric plants globally
  • Excavation using conventional mining technology
  • Design protected by 6 patents in 24 countries

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Flexible Installation
  • Can be built almost anywhere underground conditions are suitable
  • Co-located with renewable energy generation plants
  • Located in urban areas, where load is greatest and transmission may be limited
Local Content
  • About 80% of the cost of a Gravity Power plant is locally sourced, especially labor
  • Gravity Power plants can be sited in former coal production regions, employing the local workers' skills without retraining
Long Lifetime
  • Properly maintained, a Gravity Power plant will last for decades
  • No degradation in performance
Grid Stability
  • Gravity Power plants provide exceptional grid resources, including frequency control, fast ramping, and resource shifting into the high-value times of day

the need

Large scale, long duration storage is a critical component to successfully and rapidly build renewable power generation globally. Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects a $620B market by 2040.
Global Cumulative Storage Deployments

Alternatives are Expensive and Harmful

Denis Egan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Traditional Pumped Storage Hydro
  • Habitat destruction

  • Flooded canyons

  • 100+ dams have been removed in California alone because of environmental considerations
  • 12-15 year development cycle in targeted markets
Lithium/Chemical Batteries
  • Capacity and efficiency degrades constantly as the battery is used
  • Global supply constraints, notably of lithium
  • Disposal challenges
  • Mining negatively affects the environment and indigenous cultures
  • Not viable over the long term for large grid requirements
Other Gravity-based Solutions
  • Not suitable for long duration storage
  • Don’t scale up well
  • Visually obtrusive
  • High maintenance cost

About us

Our Mission is to deploy technology that ensures the health of our environment and communities by providing safe energy solutions with minimal environmental impact.


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Partner with us

We work with local communities to expand employment, leverage industry skill sets, and use local content to create Gravity Power Plants.
Electric Utilities

As utilities deploy more renewable energy, Gravity Power can offer a storage solution that protects the environment, lowers cost for ratepayers, and provides local jobs.

Renewable Energy Producers

Renewable energy producers require storage to maximize market share and profitability. Most producers are moving away from chemical-based storage technologies, because of cost and environmental impacts.

Geo Engineering, Construction Firms

Builders are essential to our next-generation storage solutions. Gravity Power Plants provide a pathway to more projects, more revenue, and more contributions to their regional economies.

Government Energy Agencies

Local, state, and national governments need to set energy policies to achieve a carbon-free energy sector. We provide a path for this, while protecting the environment, keeping consumer costs low, and providing local jobs.

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We work with local communities to expand employment, leverage industry skill sets, and use local content to create Gravity Power Plants.

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