About Us

About Us

Gravity Power is a privately-held company developing a novel grid-scale energy storage system for global commercialization called the Gravity Power Module (GPM).  Based on the proven principles of pumped storage hydropower (PSH) – the only proven and the dominant grid-scale energy storage technology – GPM technology circumvents the traditional PSH difficulties associated with siting, negative environmental impact, huge land demands, permitting, long-lead times and the very large investment required.  GPMs can be sited where ancillary services and peaking power are required, making them valuable strategic assets for renewable power providers and utilities.  GPMs provide a more economical, cleaner alternative to the vast growing worldwide need for new conventional peaking power plants.dynamics (CFD), coupled with vastly improved computer capability, allows for different approach: CFD – based computer-aided design.

GPMs are available for sale today. Gravity Power will sell turnkey plants using patented technology. Activities will include general management, marketing and sales, plant design, project detailed engineering and construction management, pump/turbine motor/generator purchasing, start-up and long term maintenance.  Operating services are optional.  The construction of the shaft and the piston as well as the installation of the balance of the GPM plant will be executed by industrial partners, who will contribute GPM engineering, labor and components with their associated warranties.

Gravity Power, LLC, a spin-off of LaunchPoint Technologies, Inc., is developing a revolutionary grid-scale electricity storage system. The company’s new Gravity Power Module(GPM)TM exploits the established principles of pumped storage hydropower, but extends the concept in a new direction: Down.

Pumped storage hydropower (PSH) is the only large-scale electricity storage technology widely used today, with over 120,000 megawatts of capacity worldwide. However, a new PSH installation typically takes 11 to 15 years to develop and an investment exceeding one billion dollars before a single watt of power is produced. It also has severe siting limitations due to the need for two large reservoirs at different elevations and the resulting environmental disruption.

In contrast, a GPM can be quickly installed underground with virtually no adverse environmental impacts. The modular, closed system has a very small footprint that can be sited almost anywhere electricity storage is needed. With a combination of proven pump-turbine technologies and ground-breaking system architecture, the GPM offers far superior operating characteristics and economics over conventional pumped hydro storage, compressed air energy storage, or batteries.