Company Affiliates

Gravity Power – Company Affiliates & Authorities

Company Affiliates:

1. Gravity Energy AG is the exclusive licensee of Gravity Power’s energy storage technology for Europe.

2.  Gravity Power Germany GmbH is a 100%-owned Gravity Power, LLC subsidiary.

3. Gravitas is a 15%-owned by Gravity Power, LLC Joint Venture.

4.  Rexon Ltd. – Germany is an independent agent with which Gravity Power, LLC has success-based contracts for the purpose of raising funds and developing projects.

Company Authorities:

1. Gravity Power, LLC is alone responsible for Gravity Power, LLC’s and Gravity Power – Germany GmbH’s agreements. Such agreements include those related to corporate financing, project financing, construction and operation of GPM facilities.

2.  Only Gravity Power, LLC’s CEO shall sign and distribute Gravity Power, LLC or Gravity Power – Germany GmbH unit/stock certificates.

3.  Only Gravity Power, LLC’s CEO can approve and affect use rights to the GPM technology.

4. Representations made by independent parties shall not constitute and nor should they be taken to constitute representations made by Gravity Power, LLC.

Please contact Thomas R. Mason, CEO, at (925) 785-8825, or email him at, for Company Affiliates and Authorities questions or concerns.