Megawatt Demo Plant Under Construction in Weilheim, Bavaria

Gravity Power is pleased to announce that our partner Gravity Energy AG, exclusive licensee to the Gravity Power Plant technology in Europe, has begun construction on a megawatt demo plant in Weilheim, Bavaria.

Gravity Power has entered into an exclusive license agreement for Europe with Gravity Energy AG, a German Corporation.

This relationship will result in funding GPM seal testing and our 1MW, 30-minute demonstration and test plant in Bavaria, Germany.

Bill Nye the Science Guy addresses the best way to achieve bulk energy storage … by using the Gravity Power Module approach.

Bill Nye the Science Guy addresses the best way to achieve bulk energy storage … by using the Gravity Power Module approach. 10/8/15

Gravity Power Signs an Exclusive Engagement

Gravity Power signed an exclusive engagement with Whitehall & Company in New York ( to raise its $26.5 million Series B Round financing. 04/10/ 14

Gravity Power Module technology featured in prominent German publication FAZ

In April, 2014, the Gravity Power Module technology was featured in the prominent German publication FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). To read please click here: FAZ GP Article 04/06/14

Patents for the Gravity Power Module technology have been issued in China, Russia and Japan

Gravity Power is pleased to have received word over the past several months that patents for the Gravity Power Module technology have been issued in China, Russia and Japan with several additional patents pending in key worldwide markets. 04/1/14

Power Magazine August, 2013 Feature Story – “Let Gravity Store the Energy”

Gravity Power LLC—a startup based in Santa Barbara, California—has developed a low-cost, quick-start, and fast dynamic response energy storage technology that competes with classical pumped storage hydro and gas turbines for peaking and intermediate duty power generation. The system is simple, yet its potential is profound. 08/01/13

Gravity Power Energy Storage System Approved By German Regional Planning Authority

GOLETA, California (June 12, 2013) – The Neckar-Alb Regional Government Association of the state of Baden-Wirttemberg in southern Germany has released their 2013 draft plan, in which the Gravity Power Module (GPM) is one of three alternatives planned for large scale energy storage and the only one developed in the last twenty years. 06/12/13

Andritz Hydro GmbH, the world market leader in pump turbine technology, offered to collaborate with GP to apply its state of the art pumped hydro technology to GPMs. 10/01/12

GPM Technology Considered a Viable Power Plant Technology

Hochtief AG (, part of the world’s largest construction company, ACS of Spain, confirmed its belief the GPM technology is a viable power plant technology and its construction experts validated the Babendererde construction plan, schedules and cost estimates. 08/01/12

Patent Issued

Gravity Power is pleased to announced the issuance of its U.S. Patent 8,166,760 on May 1, 2012 for the Gravity Power Module Technology and to announce it’s achieving REVENUE through a key R&D contract with a major oil & gas company. 07/05/12

Feasibility Study Done

Babendererde Engineers GmbH (, a leading tunnel construction expert in Europe, completed a detailed construction feasibility study of GPMs including construction plan, schedule and cost estimates for a 40MW, 4-hour duration GPM. 04/01/12

Formation of Gravity Power Germany
Gravity Power is pleased to announce the formation of its wholly-owned Germany subsidiary, Gravity Power GmbH, to pursue the dynamically growing German electricity storage market. 03/07/12

Chris Grieco, Lok Home, and Gary Brierley author article on Deep Shaft Sinking
Chris Grieco, Executive Vice President, Gravity Power, LLC, Lok Home, President of The Robbins Company, and Dr. Gary Brierley, President of Brierley Assoc, LLC, authored “Deep Shaft Sinking for Grid-Scale Energy Storage” for the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of Tunneling Journal. 03/06/12

Packing Some Power
Energy technology: Better ways of storing energy are needed if electricity systems are to become cleaner and more efficient. 03/03/12

Tom Mason to be inducted into Purdue Co-Op Hall of Fame
Gravity Power’s CEO, Tom Mason, will be inducted into Purdue University’s 2011 Co-Op Hall of Fame on October 21, 2011 in a ceremony on Purdue’s campus in West Lafayette, IN. 10/13/11